The name ‘Anomie’ means a sense of loneliness characterised by a breakdown or absence of social norms and values, it is this type of emotion. feeling and empathy that has tried to be captured and created within the film. Anomie conveys a feeling of loss, confusion and despair while striving to get a grip on reality. The dream functions are ‘dream state’, reality or ‘alternate reality’ and ‘nightmare’. This multi-fragmented dream sequence is the combination of three dreams or memories that result as one. Imagine the space between spaces in a world between worlds; A space or place that is connected between our world and the next. This place between mind and matter is the surreal setting for Anomie.

Written and Directed by … … . Roscoe Gibson-Denney

Director of Photography … … David Stafford

Anomie … … … … … … . Hetty RanceĀ 

short film DSLR anomie Canon 550D Eos film filmmaker filmmaking dreams dream nightmare visuals davidstafford88 David Stafford Roscoe Gibson-Denney

First preview of footage from upcoming film Bunker.